Hello! I'm Stephanie Estillore. I am a proud mother to my wonderful son Arcaine and loving wife to my husband Kevin. I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, certified twice as Eyelash extension technician, PMU technician (brows) and a student of Medical aesthetician (ongoing) at Langara Continuing Studies. When I moved to Canada 2016, I saw myself working as a Registered Nurse but sometimes plans don't really go so well, but it's for the better.

Growing up from a small town in the Philippines, I wasn't really in to the " girlie " stuff like fashion, make-ups or the beauty industry in general. Just your typical small town girl. I took Bachelors Science in Nursing (Philippines 2007) like many of my peers. I saw it as an opportunity to help me and my family financially. Finished the program by 2011 and passed the board exams same year too. I have worked as Medical representative, Pharmacy assistant, Nurse, and now I'm a Production technician here in Canada.

I have tried my best to become a Registered nurse here in Canada, which unfortunately have brought up a lot of frustrations and stress. After so many attempts I was about to give up. My husband saw this frustrations and emptiness for chasing a career that seemed so elusive, he encourage me to go back to school and take up a program of my choice. With less pressure I built myself up. Feeling like I have hit rock bottom, I realized there's only one way now but up.

After a leghthy search and self evaluation, I decided to enroll in the Medical Aesthetician program at Langara. The program officially started January of 2020 and is supposed to last for 6 months. And at that moment I felt something in me was awoken, but just like everyone else, my dreams were put on hold due to Covid19. But that did not stop me from looking for ways to better and improve myself. That's how I found Eyelash extensions program, Mircroblading and Ombre brows industry. My training started as soon as the government eased up the restrictions from Covid19. Armed with this training and certificates I braved myself in opening Curves and Lines.

For now I'm waiting for my Medical Aesthetician Diploma, which is planned to resume this September 2020.This wasn't what I had in mind when I was growing up and now I can't stop myself from all the thinking and ideas popping up. I am so excited and so thrilled. For now I will take my time to build my clientele, and add more list to my services. So, Let's bring that Beauty from Within!

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