Curves And Lines
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Curves And Lines Ombre Brows
Ombre Brows

Ombre brows, is a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. It gives great definition & depth to the eyebrows. Recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin and anyone who fills their brows regularly with pencil or shadow..

Curves And Line Eyelash Extension
Eye Lash Extension




Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may be made from several materials including mink, silk, synthetic, human or horsehair. The main method of applying the extensions is by using a cyanoacrylate adhesive to apply the extension(s) to the natural lash 1-2 mm from the base of the natural eyelash, never making contact with the eyelid.

Lash Lift/ Tint

Lash lift and tint is a lash service that curls and tints natural eyelashes. Lash lifting is a new age lash perm that uses silicone shields and a series of cream-based products to curl natural eyelashes, eliminating the need for eyelash curlers. Lash tinting is often used in conjunction with lash lifting, although it can be done on its own, and permanently darkens the colour of the natural lashes. When used together, a lash lift and tint replaces the need for eyelash curlers and mascara.


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Services Price Promotions Appointment

50% OFF

Microblading $ 320.00 $ 160.00 3 Hours
Machine Ombré Brows $ 340.00 $ 170.00 3 Hours
Manual Shading/
Manual Ombré Brow
$ 360.00 $ 180.00 3 Hours
Combination Brow $ 380.00 $ 190.00 3 Hours
1st Touch-up Free within
3 months
3 hours
6 Month Touch-up $ 100.00 3 Hours
12 Month Touch-up $ 150.00 3 Hours
18 Month Touch-up $ 200.00 3 Hours
24th Month Touch-up $ 250.00 3 Hours

50% OFF

Note:Must have 40-50% of lash extension
intact in the natural lashes to be considered
for a fill)
Classic Set $ 60.00 $ 30.00 3 Hours
Hybrid Set $ 80.00 $ 40.00 3 Hours
Volume Set $ 100.00 $ 50.00 3 Hours

Classic Fill $ 30.00 3 Hours
Hybrid Fill $ 40.00 3 Hours
Volume Fill $ 60.00 3 Hours
Eyelash Extension Removal $ 20.00 1 Hour
Lash Lift $ 60.00 $ 30.00 45 min.
Lash Tint $ 80.00 $ 40.00 45 Min

Curves and Lines

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